5 Everyday Moments When VELO Nicotine Pouches Come in Extra Handy

Sick of bending over backwards, just to enjoy a nicotine moment?


But thanks to VELO those days are over.

Our tobacco-free nicotine pouches and dissolvable nicotine lozenges are hands-free…and come in handy in many everyday situations.

No more standing out in the cold to have a smoke. No more, “Wait. I forgot to charge my vape.”

No more sneaking in a smoke break at work.


Which one of these moments are you familiar with?

#1 VELO is WFH-Approved

Whether you’re on that side-hustle grind or on back-to-back video calls, with VELO you don’t have to interrupt your focus when you’re working from home.

#2 Bring VELO to Work (If It’s Okay with Your Boss)

VELO is not only smoke-free but also spit-free.

That’s great because our nicotine pouches and dissolvable nicotine lozenges may be okay at your workplace.

#3 Take VELO on the Road

You could be in the driver's seat or the backseat, on a bus, or the subway. It pretty much doesn’t matter how you get there. VELO’s along for the ride. And a lot of people enjoy that flexibility when it comes to traveling and commuting.

#4 VELO Goes with You

No matter the moment, VELO’s convenient.

So, whether it’s a date, a BBQ, or a night out, enjoying your nicotine moment doesn’t mean the adventure has to go on without you — you’ve got VELO.

#5 VELO’s Your Go-to for On-the-Go

Your world moves fast…and VELO will never slow you down.

Get groceries. Drop off a package. Swing by your friend’s house.

When you’ve got 1,000 things to do, VELO nicotine pouches and our dissolvable nicotine lozenges can go with you.