Nicotine Lozenges - all flavors

Are lozenges THE easiest way to enjoy nicotine, virtually anywhere?


And if you're a skeptical smoker, vaper, or dipper... We'll prove it.

You're about to see why lozenges are a great flavorful, tobacco-free alternative.

VELO Nicotine Lozenges Dissolve. The Flavor Doesn’t.

VELO nicotine lozenges are small and dissolvable. They contain nicotine but no tobacco leaf or other tobacco plant matter.

Adult nicotine consumers love lozenges because they're hands-free and mess-free. Plus, you don't chew lozenges — they dissolve, but the flavor doesn’t.

Not sure what to expect? We’ve got you covered.

VELO Lozenges are as Simple as Press. Pop. Enjoy!

How to use nicotine lozengesHow to use nicotine lozenges
  • Press your thumb firmly against the raised bar.
  • Pop open your VELO pack.
  • Place VELO anywhere in the side of your mouth and enjoy!

You can either let VELO sit or move it around for a more intense experience.

If you notice a slight warming sensation, that's part of the experience! 

If nicotine lozenges are starting to look pretty good, here's the best part...

Flavors, Styles, and Where to Buy Nicotine Lozenges

With VELO you’ve got 4 flavors…

  • Berry: Our best-seller is a smooth mixture of berry flavors.
  • Mint: A refreshing and cooling mint flavor experience.
  • Dark Mint: Indulgent mint flavor, with dark, rich, and creamy notes.
  • Crema: Creamy vanilla flavor with toasted notes.

…and 2 styles to choose from:

  • Hard lozenges: These lozenges are firm, hold their shape as they dissolve, and have a crisp mouthfeel.
  • Soft lozenges: These lozenges have a more flexible texture. They’re soft, but they aren’t chewy.

In 2020, our lozenges were crowned "Best New Product of 2020" in the category “OTHER TOBACCO PRODUCTS/SMOKELESS” by Convenience Store News. So, now that you know about nicotine lozenges — and what to expect — it's time to dive in!

The quickest way to discover your favs is to shop one of our lozenge bundles — with extra savings included!

Or, check out the full the full line-up and buy nicotine lozenges online here.