Nicotine Pouches vs Snus & dip

Is VELO dip?


So, it’s like snus?

Sort of. But not really…

What is it, then?

Glad you asked!

Let’s break down the differences between VELO, snus, and dip. And to make this super easy, we summed it up below so you can see all the differences at a glance:

Nicotine Pouches vs Snus & Dip - infographicNicotine Pouches vs Snus & Dip - infographic

Want the full breakdown? Here’s VELO in a 4-round matchup!

Round 1: More or less messy?

Nicotine Pouches vs DipNicotine Pouches vs Dip

VELO nicotine pouches and nicotine lozenges are for when you want to keep your hands free… and clean.

Snus also comes in pouches. But not all pouches are created equal! (As you’ll see in Round 3 below.)

Dip, on the other hand, is finely ground or shredded moist tobacco. You have to pinch and then place the loose tobacco in your mouth. With VELO or snus, you simply park the pouch in your mouth. Not sure what to expect? Here’s how to use nicotine pouches.

Same deal with our nicotine lozenges. You put VELO in your mouth and embrace the flavor and tingle. Nicotine lozenges are also fully dissolvable. So, you don’t even have to throw them out when you’re done. Here’s your lozenge how-to.

But dip is different in another way…

Round 2: Spit or Spit-free?

With dip, you gotta spit.

VELO nicotine pouches and lozenges, like snus, are spit-free. For many folks, that’s another point on the scorecard for pouches and lozenges: You can easily enjoy them on-the-go or take ‘em to work. (Provided it’s okay with your boss!)

You’ll feel unleashed once you realize you can enjoy VELO anywhere (pretty much).

But wait.

What’s the big difference between VELO pouches… and snus pouches?

Round 3: Tobacco or Tobacco-free?

Nicotine Pouches vs SnusNicotine Pouches vs Snus

Spot the difference?

Snus pouches are brown.

VELO pouches are white.

Thanks, captain obvious.

Here’s the real difference:

VELO is tobacco-free.

What this means is that VELO pouches (and lozenges) include nicotine — extracted from tobacco — but contain no tobacco leaf or tobacco plant matter.

Final Round: Flavor Faceoff

If you’re looking for flavor… VELO delivers the knockout punch.

Dip and snus have a distinct tobacco flavor — even though mint or menthol flavor is sometimes added.

If you want to dive into a new world of flavor, VELO has a range of 14 flavors (including lots of minty flavor options smokers love).

You read that right. 14 flavors!

Combine that with four nicotine levels between pouches and lozenges, and you've got a whole world of options.

Find the tobacco-free option that’s best for you and buy VELO online here.