New to Nicotine Pouches? Here's What to Expect

More and more current smokers and dippers are replacing their cigarettes or dip with tobacco-free nicotine pouches these days. But if you're new to pouches, you've probably got questions... and we've got answers!

What is a Nicotine Pouch Anyway? 

VELO nicotine pouches are small white pouches that are tobacco-free. They come in multiple different flavors and strengths, and there's no smoke and no mess. The best part? You can enjoy nicotine pouches virtually anywhere, which makes them a great alternative to dip and snus.

"So... Where do I place the pouch?" 

This one's easy. Tuck it anywhere between your gum and lip.

Like so:

How to use nicotine pouchesHow to use nicotine pouches

See how simple? It literally takes 2 seconds. Upper lip, lower lip, left side, or right side... it's your call.

Just let it sit — no need to spit. 

You're gonna like this. Unlike other smoke-free products, pouches are spit-free. Because when you're on a first date... at work... or the pool with your boo... spitting's not a good look.

How long does VELO last? 

With nicotine pouches you can roam free, handsfree, for up to 30 minutes.

That’s long enough to:

Make doing laundry more enjoyable.

Pass time until it's your turn at the DMV

Knock out that presentation for work.

And when you're done? Simply discard the pouch in the trash. EASY. Plus, from Wintergreen to Cinnamon or Black Cherry, you’ve got a bunch of flavors to choose from.

What about the tingle? 

The word on the street is pouches tingle. That sensation may be bit unfamiliar at first, but not necessarily in an uncomfortable way. We tested five of the top pouches on the market today, and the results are in. Nicotine consumers say VELO 4mg pouches in Mint or Citrus have the ideal mouthfeel*. Plus, when you’ve got VELO…

You’ve got control. 

Remember when we said, let VELO sit? That’s one way to do it. BUT… If you want a more intense experience, you can move the pouch around. That’s how you customize your pouch experience. Neat! With VELO you’ve also got 3 nicotine levels. 2mg, 4mg, and 7mg. Choose your strength when you’re shopping for nicotine pouches here to find the best option for you.

BONUS TIP: Talk to an Expert 

Hopefully, we've answered some of your most pressing pouch questions. If not... you can pepper a VELO expert live! Hit this link and follow the steps.


*2019 Buyer Study