More Flavors, More Strengths, More VELO Nicotine Pouches

We’ve heard you loud and clear. More flavors, more nicotine strengths, you want more nicotine pouch options from VELO, and we’ve been working hard to bring you just that.

VELO’s new nicotine pouches

VELO is excited to announce an expansion of its nicotine pouch product line. Twenty four new styles, eight new flavors, and the nicotine strengths you’ve been asking for, including 7mg. Coming soon to!

Explore all new VELO flavors.

Eight new exciting flavors are coming your way in addition to our Citrus and Mint 2mg and 4mg flavors.

VELO Max has arrived.

VELO Max is on the scene! 7mg nicotine strength is a popular option in the nicotine pouch world, and we’re excited to now offer it to you in 8 new flavors.

Dryft is now VELO

If you’re familiar with Dryft nicotine pouches, you may have tried our flavors before. Dryft has become part of the VELO family, creating a ton of great new options.