The Future of Nicotine is VELO

As society advances, we have seen drone delivery, self-driving cars, and convenient shopping experiences that require no cashiers.
A nicotine company may not be the first that comes to mind as a leader in product innovation, but VELO is driving nicotine into the future with premium
manufacturing processes that have transformed the tobacco products of yesterday into an enjoyable, modern nicotine experience with tobacco-free,
white nicotine pouches and dissolvable nicotine lozenges.

At VELO, we understand what you’re looking for and are committed to providing you with nicotine products that will not only meet your expectations and
needs today, but help you lead the pack as we race into the future.

Simplify Your Nicotine Experience

VELO products are tobacco-free, come in a dissolvable lozenge or a plain white pouch. The pouch is made with only 7 ingredients plus flavoring. That’s
fewer ingredients than there are hours in the work day!

Tailored to Your Tastes

VELO also offers a product line that is stock full of options allowing you to select the flavors, styles and strengths that suit your individual tastes. The 1.7
mg lozenge comes in berry, mint, crema and dark mint flavors while both the 2 mg and 4 mg pouches come in citrus and mint. Whether you prefer a
hard or soft lozenge, or even the pouch, VELO is quick and easy. You can discretely pop VELO in without missing a beat, regardless if you’re on the go,
working or hanging out with friends. You can also customize the experience by moving VELO around or parking it as you choose.


One thing is for certain. The future waits for no one and we know there are occasions when you need simplicity. Which is precisely why all VELO nicotine
products are smoke-free, spit-free, accessory-free and the pouches even come in recyclable packaging. So the next time your day is seeming overly
complicated, consider VELO for a hassle-free nicotine experience.

Haven’t tried VELO yet? Why wait until tomorrow to experience the future of nicotine? Give VELO pouches or lozenges a try today.