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VELO MegaMix Pack

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    Includes 10 packs each of Pouches and Lozenges

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    Your VELO Mix

    Ultimate VELO Nicotine Bundle

    Get the most with the VELO MegaMix Pack. With 10 packs of dissolve-able nicotine lozenges AND 10 tins of nicotine pouches, you’ll be prepared for the road ahead. Every VELO variety is included in this exclusive online bundle. Minimum fuss - Maximum value. To stock you up on nicotine pouches, it includes five Citrus and five Mint 4mg tins. To supply you with lozenges, it includes one of each flavor in soft and hard textures plus an additional Berry Pack & an additional Mint Pack. This MegaMix is built for ultimate savings and makes sure you are prepared for wherever you’re headed.
    • 10 x Nicotine Lozenge Packs
      This mix includes 120 flavorful lozenges.
    • 10 x Nicotine Pouch Tins
      A total of 150 pouches in this incredible bundle.
    • The VELO MegaMix
      Experience the full range of VELO.
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